Brown Dragon Kenpo Karate

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9563 Jamacha Blvd
Spring Valley, CA 91977
(619) 470-7166

Founded by Grandmaster Sifu William Guinto, Ph.D./Ma.D.Sc.

Kenpo is an extremely effective self-defense martial art and can be an outstanding way to improve your level of fitness and overall sense of well-being.

We provide individual instruction on a 1:1 basis, the instructor and the student. This allows each student to benefit from a personalized program. Positive attitudes and constructive feedback allows our students to learn and advance at their own pace.

Students are taught self-protection, which is defined as awareness and prevention.
Should self-protection tactics fail, then Kenpo self-defense techniques are used to counter and defend against the most common physical attacks.

Kenpo = Law of the Fist
Karate = Empty Hands